The Quality Promise of a Made-in-Taiwan Hanstools Manufacturer

The Quality Promise of a Made-in-Taiwan Hanstools Manufacturer

Quality Matters: Why Taiwan-based Manufacturer HansTools Inspects Every Product Before Selling

Each product is designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure it works precisely as advertised. It is our policy not to produce any products that do not meet the high standards required of HansTools. We have a zero-tolerance policy for defects and will replace any defective part at no cost to the customer.

Torque Wrench and Pneumatic Tools- Air Tools

HansTools guarantees that, subject to the other provisions of these Conditions upon delivery and for 12 months after the date of delivery, our products will meet the following standards:

a) meet quality requirements and ensure that no work is defective in its material or workmanship; and
b) be satisfactory according to HansTools’ company standards as set forth in our catalogues or other guidelines.

All companies should guarantee that their products are not only great they are also reliable. HansTools takes pride in offering consumers a warranty on all purchases made both online and off.

HansTools guarantees that all of its products are assembled and packaged with care, and delivered to you in good, working order. The company uses only premium materials in the construction of its quality products, because it wants your experience with HansTools to be excellent from start to finish.

HansTool takes pride in providing excellent customer service through live chat, phone calls, and e-mail correspondence. The brand strives for perfection when it comes to ensuring that all customers have a flawless shopping experience with HansTool, whether making an initial inquiry or submitting an after-sales ticket.

HansTools is not responsible for any breaches of warranty in Condition Point 1, unless the following two conditions are met:

1) The customer sends written notice of the defect to HansTools within 14 days of discovering, or should have discovered, the defect.

2) The customer returns the defective goods properly packed and pays for shipping to HansTools’ premises at the address given in Condition 1.1, or as specified by HansTools.

HansTools has limited liability for product defects in accordance with Condition Point.1 of the Terms and Conditions (which is also listed above). If a defect is found, HansTools may replace the item depending on your location, or repair it using new or refurbished replacement parts. HansTools will not be held liable for any defect if:

a) The product has been misused, mishandled, overloaded, modified by you or your users, or used in an environment outside its specifications;

b) The problem occurred due to normal wear an tear over time; or

c) A change was made to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements; or

d) The customer did not follow written and verbal instructions as to storage, installation, commissioning, use, repair calibration or maintenance of the defective product.

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