Bex-S5/S6/S8-Screw Extractor Set

Screw Extractor Set (BEX-S5/S6/S8)

  • Jeu d’extracteurs extractor
  • Zestaw do wyciągania śrub
  • Schraubenausdreher-Set
  • Juego de extractor de tornillos extractor
  • مجموعة برغي النازع
  • ชุดแยกสกรู
  • 螺絲拔取器組
  • “SNCMVH” Material of Screwdriver Tip
  • Screw extractor is one of the most common ways to remove a broken or seized screw. It has a spiral flute that is designed to drill into and break up the remaining fragments of the screw. If too much torque is applied when using a screw extractor, it can snap in half and pierce the screw itself. By drilling a hole completely through the screw, you can easily extract it with a punch.
  • screw extractor is a tool used to remove broken or seized screws. It has two types of structures: spiral flute and straight flute.
BEX-S51/8,1/4,5/16,7/16,9/16 5PCS
BEX-S61/8,1/4,5/16,7/16,9/16,3/4 6PCS
BEX-S81/8,1/4,5/16,7/16,9/16,3/4,1",1-1/8 8PCS
Screw Extractor Set- (6 PCs)
Screw Extractor Set- (5, 6, 8 PCs)