ABR-7/ Auto Body Repair Tool Kit- 7 PCs

Auto Body Repair Tool Kit- 7 PCs

  • Auto Body Hammer and Dolly Set
  • Coffret de carrossier 7 pièces
  • Zestaw narzędzi do naprawy karoserii samochodowych 7 sztuk
  • Auto Body Repair Tool Kit 7tlg
  • Juego de carrocero 7 piezas
  • طقم أدوات إصلاح جسم السيارة 7 قطع
  • ชุดเครื่องมือซ่อมแซมตัวถังรถยนต์ 7 ชิ้น
  • 7件鈑金組
  • Quality Tools for Lifetime
5774Utility Pick Hammer
5775Standard Bumping Hammer
5775DStandard Shrinking Hammer
ABR-1Utility Panel Beating Dolly
ABR-2Curved Dolly
ABR-31Toe Dolly
ABR-6Heel Dolly
BLOW CASE : 410x310x100mm
1 SET : 7.8 KGS, GW : 16 KGS/ 2 SETS CUFT : 1.51'

As someone who likes to do their own auto body work, you know that having the right tools is crucial. Here are three of the most important tools that you should have on hand to make your job easier.

1) Air Compressor: An air compressor can be a big help when you’re doing any kind of painting. It will help distribute the paint evenly and avoid any streaks or drying patterns. Make sure to look for one with a large tank capacity.

2) Spray Gun: In conjunction with the air compressor, you’ll also need a spray gun. A gun that atomizes paint into finer particles will help the paint adhere better and create a nicer finish.

3) Dual Action Sander: Auto body work often requires quite a bit of sanding, in order to keep surfaces porous and free of other materials. Doing it by hand can be tiring, so a dual action sander can really cut down on time. However, even without one of these machines, you can still sand your car by hand just fine.

4) Auto Body hammer and dolly set / Auto Body Repair Kit is essential for any auto body work. The hammer is used to dent the metal back into place while the dolly supports the metal from underneath. This helps to avoid any further damage to the metal.

5) Body filler is important for filling in holes or cracks in the metal. There are two types of body filler, plastic and metal. It is important to choose the right type of filler based on the damage that needs to be repaired. Spreaders and knives are necessary for applying the body filler evenly across the surface that needs it.

6) Slide hammer is another tool that is useful for auto body work. This tool is used for pulling out panels and repairing dents. There are two types of slide hammers, those that use screws and those that use hook adapters.