5776- Curved Cross Chisel Hammer

Curved Cross Chisel Hammer

  • Curved Cross Chisel Hammer
  • Marteau à panne coudée et tête ronde bombée
  • Zakrzywiony grosz i młotek wykańczający
  • Gebogene Pein und Finishing Hammer
  • Martillo para terminados
  • شوكة منحنية ومطرقة تشطيب
  • Pein โค้งและค้อนตกแต่ง
  • 鈑金鎚
  • Quality Tools for Lifetime


A hammer is a general-purpose tool that can be used on cold chisels, punches, rivets, and shaping metal. It’s made of first class genuine hickory with a straight grain that has no knots. The handle is suitable for use as a cold chisel, punch, or rivet.

Auto body work can be difficult to do on your own, but with the right tools it can be much easier. A good set of tools for auto body work includes a hammer and dolly, body filler, spreaders, and putty knives.

A hammer and dolly set is essential for any auto body work. The hammer is used to dent the metal back into place while the dolly supports the metal from underneath. This helps to avoid any further damage to the metal.

Body filler is important for filling in holes or cracks in the metal. There are two types of body filler, plastic and metal. It is important to choose the right type of filler based on the damage that needs to be repaired. Spreaders and knives are necessary for applying the body filler evenly across the surface that needs it.

A slide hammer is another tool that is useful for auto body work. This tool is used for pulling out panels and repairing dents. There are two types of slide hammers, those that use screws and those that use hook adapters.

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