3830- Spinner Handle- 3/8" Drive

3830- Spinner Handle- 3/8″ Drive

  • Porte-douille à manche
  • Uchwyt obrotowy
  • Spinnergriff
  • Mango prolongador
  • مقبض دوار
  • ที่จับสปินเนอร์
  • DIN 3122- ISO 3315
  • DIN 3123- ISO 3316
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  • Handle Introduction-Ratchet and Screwdriver
A spinner handle is a shaft with a drive fitting that allows one to use a single handle with a number of different socket sizes. It does this by having an interface for attaching interchangeable sockets.
What is the purpose of a spinner handle? Before a spinner handle, you would have to carry around a variety of socket drivers for each nut or bolt that you needed to tighten or loosen. With the advent of a spinner handle, however, one can save time and effort by using only one handle to do all the work!