16854S- Mini Circlip Plier Set- 4 Pcs

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16854S-Mini Circlip Plier Set- 4 Pcs

  • Jeu de pinces pour circlips
  • Zestaw szczypiec do pierścieni osadczych wewnętrznych i zewnętrznych
  • Zangensatz für Innen- und Außensicherungsringe
  • Juego de alicates para arandelas interiores y exteriore
  • مجموعة زرادية التعميم الداخلية والخارجية
  • ชุดคีมแหวนล็อคสลักภายในและภายนอก
  • 內外扣環鉗組
  • – Internal and External Mini Circlip Plier Set
  • Handle Introduction- (Plier, Torque Wrench/ Wrench)
  • Pliers and their Uses (D-W)
  • Circlip pliers are special pliers for installing and removing circlips, which are used to keep parts together. An internal circlip is used when parts are pressed onto a shaft. A single or double external circlip is used to hold components together that move relative to one another.
  • The external ones feature a handle that rotates counter-clockwise, opening to reveal the head and allowing the circlip to be pushed out of the way. They are used for mounting circlips on shafts and guide rods.
1850-S3Internal Circlip Plier- Straight Pattern
75mm/ 3"
1851-S3External Circlip Plier- Straight Pattern
75mm/ 3"
1856-S3Internal Circlip Plier- Bent Pattern
75mm/ 3"
1857-S3External Circlip Plier- Bent Pattern
75mm/ 3"
N.W.= 16KGS, GW= 17KGS/ 100SETS
Circlip Pliers
the picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard.- Pliers and their Uses