16018MH- 75° Double Ring Wrench Set

75° Double Ring Wrench Set in Organizer Rack

  • Jeux de clés polygonales contre-coudées
  • Zestaw kluczy oczkowych 75°
  • 75° Doppelringschlüssel-Satz
  • Juego de Llaves de estrella acodadas
  • مجموعة مفاتيح ربط حلقية الاطراف بزاوية ° 75 .
  • ชุดประแจแหวนคู่ 75°
  • 彎度75°雙梅花扳手組
  • 德式輕薄柄
  • DIN 838- ISO3318
  • ISO 1085- ISO 10104
  • On Display
  • Plastic Made Organizer Rack


Ring wrenches are less likely to loosen once they’ve been twisted onto the fastener because they sit flush against the fastener from all sides. This not only allows for wider rotations, but also provides a wider contact area than open-ended wrenches. A typical ring wrench size is 12-points, so-called because it has 12 points and troughs.

12-point profiles allow wrenches to more easily lock onto fasteners in a smaller space than a 6-point (hexagonal) profile does, which allows for greater tightening. Hexagonal fasteners can only be used with 6-point wrenches, while 12-point wrenches can be used on either hexagonal or square bolts. Other profiles are available but they tend to only be used for one application.

1103M/A Double Ring Wrench 75° Offset
1103M/A Double Ring Wrench

75° Double Ring Wrench Set in Organizer Rack

16018MH86x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19, 21x22mm12
An-Lock® drive
12 PANS An-Lock drive
12 Point on the Ring Part